implementing strategies for teams

When two or more entities either choose to merge or must work together, when new teams are created new challenges arise. Uncertainty and high expectations define the environment. How do you find common ground? How do you bring at the same table governments, private companies, unions, and community leaders, and everybody is left better off? Who wins and who loses in the process? Who is replacing whom? Who will go to a better position? What direction will be followed? To whom will I report? Who does what? In addition, individuals and teams at all levels are demanded to produce extraordinary results.

In such circumstances, it is predictable that most alliances or partnerships will fail in their attempts to meet projected costs, schedules, and deadlines. Within each scenario, there is a critical component….the human factor.

Alliances and partnerships are built in a context of past experiences and no trust.

With our involvement, the organizations create a new culture where teams can operate consistently with the fulfillment of the strategy set forth and with the agreements. We have been empowering companies, executives, leaders, and their teams to design successful alliances and coalitions worldwide.

Our clients are able to:

  • Create a new context to think and plan strategically enabling breakthrough results inside projects and initiatives with high risk for organizations;
  • Enable the team or teams to take on new levels of commitment and excellence, implementing new practices and new ways of operating, aligning to the strategic direction of the organization or alliance;
  • Establish specific, measurable, tangible results and accomplishments;
  • Design effective and economic actions consistent with the fulfillment of any critical project or initiative;
  • Setting structures to ensure the fulfillment of extraordinary results and accomplishments.