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We provide consulting services and unique trainings for organizations, businesses and institutions.

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Everbody wants to be successful in life. But how do you define succes? How many people drive results while „sacrificing” other important areas of life, or damaging their relationships in the process? 

We work with individual clients, executives,  to address the most critical challenges they face professionally and personally, to see new perspectives,  create new paradigms of thinking and design new actions that accelerate performance in life. Through our training, people develop the capacity to handle any conversations, including those that occured as difficult or impossible to have and restore relationships.


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IMPLEMENTING STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS – transforming organizational culture

The culture of an organization lives in its people, and, at the same time, people in the organization are the ones who generate new ideas and capabilities, develop creative responses and push for tranformation. Probably the most elusive and often hard to tackle challenge resides in the “soft issues”, the conversations, said or unsaid, that permeate the organizational environment and shape the relationships between people.

Our programs are effective in succesfully impacting organizational culture, creating effective teamwork, widespread leadership and commitment, and producing breakthrough results.


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Our consulting services are designed to empower visionary leaders in service of democratic principles and values, to go beyond their own barriers in their self-expression and leadership, as well as those barriers imposed by preexisting notions, preconceptions, and circumstances.

We work with political leaders to assess what is working, not working and missing in their performance and accountability, and acquire new tools to successfully implement their strategies, manage their teams and serve their constituencies.

Through our methodology, candidates we worked with achieved unforseen victories and breakthrough electoral results.

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implementing strategies for teams

When two or more entities either choose to merge or must work together, new challenges arrise. Within each scenario, there is a crtitical component….the human factor. Alliances and partnerships are built in a context of past experiences and no trust.

With our involvement, the organizations  create a new culture where teams can operate consistently with the fulfillment of the strategy set forth and with the agreements. We have been empowering companies, executives, political leaders and their teams to design succesful alliances and coalitions worldwide.


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Strategy formulation

We start by researching the domain, analyzing data, interviewing people and assessing the needs and the gaps as a foundation for formulating a grounded, yet bold strategy.

Strategy implementation

People are the key to implementing strategies. We provide a unique consulting approach revealing the best in people, removing their barriers to performance and allowing them to take effective actions.

team training and management

Aligning the team inside one mission and vision is key to any successful endeavor.  We offer specialized team and management training. Our approach to leadership is focused on people.

Communication and messaging 

We support our clients to design messages consistent to their vision, mission and strategy. We offer communication and public speaking training, individually or as a team.

About Us

Great Empowerment Consulting was born out of our commitment to empowering people and our expertise in strategy.

We built our consulting services on decades of experience in working with political parties, businesses, organizations, and professionals, to successfully implement their strategies and maximize their potential.


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Why US

All strategies are created and implemented by people. Our unique consulting methodology can be applied and has proved effective in multiple areas because it is focused on people.

Our methodology is designed to dismantle ineffective patterns, cultural barriers, and preconceptions, and trains people how to communicate effectively, take courageous actions and achieve results that defy expectations.


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