About great empowerment consulting

Great Empowerment Consulting was born out of our commitment to empowering people and our expertise in strategy. We built our consulting services on decades of experience in working with political parties, businesses, organizations, and professionals,  to successfully implement their strategies and achieve ambitious goals that defy expectations.


Iulia Huiu, Founder and Ceo



Iulia has a deep understanding of how institutions and organizations work. She served in different positions in all the major political institutions in Romania, starting her career as an adviser to the Parliament of Romania. Later on, she was a personal adviser to the Prime Minister between 2004-2008, she offered consulting services to political leaders in Romania and she specialized in strategy and communication, including for electoral campaigns.

Inspired by making a difference and empowering people, Iulia expanded her expertise from politics to training people in leading teams and managing large projects in all kinds of companies, businesses, and organizations.

In 2014, Iulia was instrumental in the historical victory of Klaus Iohannis in the presidential elections in Romania. She served as State Advisor to the President of Romania for more than 2 years, operating as speechwriter to the President and overseeing political strategy.

In 2017 her professional journey continued to the United States, with an assignment at the Embassy of Romania in Washington DC. As part of the political section, Iulia specialized in analyzing American politics, and contributed to the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States. In her diplomatic activity, she worked closely with US Congress, as well as the US State Department.

Iulia has a Masters in Political Science and one in Public Administration, has authored political sciences books and articles, and currently is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science and International Relations at the National University of Political and Administrative Studies of Bucharest.

Iulia also created the Democracy Debates platform, where she writes on democracy, US politics, and foreign policy.




When people and societies are empowered, companies, organizations, and democracy thrive.



Empowering people to be effective and accomplished, businesses to flourish, communities to be safe and prosperous, institutions to work in service of people and on behalf of democratic values.


  • Being of service
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Compassion
  • Integrity